Rack Customisation

Standard racks come in fixed sizes, which results in awkward and unusable spaces left between the racks and the walls in most situations. Imagine having a racking system that fully utilises the storage capacity; it would maximise the space and reduce wastages caused by awkward rack sizes. Here in Rackwerx, we will do just that for you!

Length Alteration

With a maximum of 1500mm length, you can alter the rack to your desired size as long as it falls within the dimensions. If you have a full wall of 2300mm length, we will connect 2 racks of 1200mm length, and cut them to a total of exact 2300mm.

Height Alteration

Similarly, you can extend the racks up to a height of 3 metres. With height extension, more shelves will be added to maximise storage. On the contrary, you can also reduce the height to requirements.

Shelving after Alteration

Customization also comes with new shelving colours. Choose from a range of vinyl surface coverings or lamination materials for greater aesthetics and feel.


The carpentry structure is built directly around the racks to make a contemporary wardrobe. Inaddition to the existing shelves, a mobile drawer or casement door cabinet can be constructed and fitted on or under the shelves.

Casement or sliding doors can also be use to enclosed the rack wardrobe

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